"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"

Helen Keller


Our Supporters

We would like to take this space to thank everyone that has supported us!

A huge THANK YOU to our monthly donors:

Carolyn H

Hannah H

Cherie L

Kelli W

A very special THANK YOU to our large donors:

The Travelin' Rat

On Shore Foundation

Amaranth Development

And of course our donors that have donated in times of need:

Alexis G

Kevin K

Andrea K

Ashley C

Clarissa C

Holly H

Kim M

Hannah H

Michelle P

Terri H

Vann C

Heather Jean D

Anne H

Danielle S. 

Lori W

Crystal B

Ventura H

Shelia K

Aylssa K 

Amanda G 

Cherie L

Nasya K

Rylee S.

Denise S.

Kelli W.

Robin S.


Donations In Memory Of...


Muffins family donated a monetary gift and Muffins cage to our rescue! These donations will help so many future furry rescues!!


RIP sweet Bailey girl!


In memory of beautiful Harvey


In memory of Dutchess



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