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Below is a list of animals that are currently available for adoption. If there is a pet you are interested in, please fill out an application.
Struggles to Snuggles Animal Rescue Inc has the right to refuse any adoption. If your application for the adoption of a pet is not approved, we will do our best to explain the reason(s). A denial is not a rejection of you as a person; it is a refusal to place a pet in a situation that we do not feel is a good match or does not meet our policies.


Bunny (Flower)

Meet Bunny. She is a 3 year sassy girl! She is friendly and playful. She is waiting her spay appointment and will be available for adoption after that. 
Adoption fee: $55



Apple is the daughter to Tiramisu. They are not up for adoption yet because Tiramisu is still showing some signs of aggression to us humans. We believe she is still being protective over her baby.
Adoption fee: $15/piece



Tiramisu is not ready for adoption yet. She is bonded with her daughter, Apple. She is still showing signs of aggression towards us but we are hoping she is just protecting her little one and will grow out of it. We are watching and waiting. She will be available once we know everyones fingers will be safe!
Adoption Fee:  $10/piece



Chompers is a 5 year old large bunny! He is 8 pounds of love. He was an owner surrender. He recently had a large cyst removed from his back. He is still recovering from that and his neuter. He will not be available for adoption until after he is fully recovered. He has the sweetest personality. He is very curious and loving. He is going to make a great pet for someone when he is ready! 
Adoption Fee: $55



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